Here is your weekly SSA Connection
Ted Talks – Help Seniors Cross the Digital Divide
Sixty percent of all seniors are currently connected online yet they still struggle with their mobile devices. Isabella Martinez, founder of Net4Seniors, describes a 5-step method to help seniors cross the digital divide.Click here to listen.
Health and Recreation
Isometrics for Seniors – Check out the seated exercises designed to strengthen your core. Click here to get started.
No Bake Watermelon Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting – Click here to make these easy treats!
National Archives – Inside the Vaults
Take a peak inside the vaults of the National Archives to documentation about the Polar Exhibition. Click here to view these interesting pieces of history.
Local Virtual Art Exhibitions
National Museum of Women in the Arts – Americans & Dutch Art
Click on Dutch to view this special art collection curated by the Museum of Women in the Arts.
Degas/Cassatt at the National Gallery of Art
View the works of Impressionist Painters Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt from the National Gallery of Art.
Click here to get started.
Alexandria Library Event
Be a Wildlife Ambassador – June 30 – 2-3 pm
Join us to learn all about interesting animals, see them up close, and ask an expert your animal-related questions! Click on
wildlife for more information and to register for this Zoom event.
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