Scam Alerts

Watch out for the following…

Phone Scam Alerts

Be aware of phone calls telling you that your computer as a virus. They will try and get your credit card number to fix the problem. Put an end to these unwanted calls by registering your phone number on the National “Do Not Call” Registry. Go to the Do Not Call List and register your phone numbers. Companies then have 30 days to remove you from their list.

Utility Company Scams

The Alexandria Police Department is warning residents about a scam involving phone calls from a person claiming to be a utility company employee demanding immediate payment of utility bills or your service will be cut off. This is a SCAM. If this happens to you call the Police Department at 703-746-4444.

Protective Measures

Safeguard Yourself with Help from AARP’s Free Fraud Watch Network.

Fight Back Against Scams in your state.

You’ll want to read this for important information on the latest scams. View PDF

When You’re Hacked!

A few tips: Be sparing with your data; if the hacked company has your Social Security Number, place a fraud alert on your credit report; keep tabs on recent breaches by going to sites like Privacy Rights; make sure to monitor your accounts and change your passwords frequently.

The Health Care Reform Marketplace is NOT for People with Medicare!

Beware of scammers trying to sell marketplace plans to people with Medicare. Scammers are calling and emailing people with Medicare and telling them Obamacare requires them to change their insurance and buy a marketplace plan. Do not give them this information! Report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission at FTC Complaints

Protect your Wallet

Remove risky items in your wallet that have your Social Security or Medicare card numbers or your PINs for bank accounts. Make a photocopy of your Medicare Card and cut out the last four digits and carry that in your wallet and bring the original to your doctor’s appointments.

More Preventative Resources

22 Tips to stay clear of SCAMs and Frauds – Click Here.

Top SCAMS Targeting Seniors – Click Here.

Scam Warning about New Medicare Cards. For more information visit here.

Tool to Prevent Financial Exploitation called “Money Smart for Older Adults.” To find out more – Money Smart for Older Adults.

Robocall Scammers are using the “Life Alert” name to swindle Seniors. To find out more – Life-Alert Scam.

Scam Warning about Vacation Rentals on websites that don’t exist. For more information – Click Here.

“Outsmart the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself from the Most Clever Cons.” Click here for more info.

For more information about how protect yourself from scams, check out the “Scams” section on SSA’s Senior Resources page!

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