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The City of Alexandria’s senior population has grown to over 22,000 individuals – and more than 5,000 of these seniors live alone!

Senior Services of Alexandria, with more than 15 years’ experience delivering food to seniors, is pleased to announce the launch of a bold initiative called Caring Connection. This new sister program to Meals on Wheels will serve the City of Alexandria’s most vulnerable seniors. For more information, please see our full press release.

Caring Connection offers daily meal delivery, but goes beyond the standard Meals on Wheels program to provide personalized health and safety checks managed by dedicated staff as part of the scheduled deliveries.  Through this exciting expansion, SSA expects to double the number of clients it serves in the first year alone.

Caring Connection Program Design


In my profession, I see the need for Caring Connection services every day.  This is such a vulnerable population and Caring Connection can help NOW.  Implementing this program today will allow us to stay ahead of the curve with the growing demand in the coming years.  Otherwise, we will be playing catch up in crisis.

Donna Shaw, Healthcare Administrator & SSA Board Member 

How to Get Involved

Please help us create a Caring Connection for our seniors one visit at a time!

Senior Services of Alexandria aims to fully develop, pilot, and implement the new Caring Connection program in three phases over the next two years.  Once Caring Connection is fully operational, it will be sustained by ongoing financial commitments from partner healthcare organizations.

Every donation counts! We’d love for you to consider a donation—of any size – to this vital mission. You can donate online HERE or by calling Lindsay Hemphill at 703-836-4414 ext. 110.

Caring Connection Leadership Team

This new program would not be possible without the support of our Campaign Steering Committee:

Mr. Gerry Cooper, Co-Chair

Willie Bailey

Laurie Blackburn

Lynwood Campbell

Kristin Eagan

Jack Fannon

Jane Foote

Deborah Matthews

Mayor Kerry Donley, Co-Chair

Warner Moore

Gregg Murphy

Kitty Porterfield

Arvette Reid

Donna Shaw

Jen Walker


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