Lauren and Trish

Lauren and her mom Trish have been volunteering with Meals on Wheels for just a few months, but they already see the ways in which Caring Connection will positively impact our community. As Trish puts it, the program is a “win-win for everybody.”




Chris has been volunteering with Meals on Wheels for years now, and her experiences have paved the way for the value she sees in SSA’s newest program.

I’ve been a MOW volunteer for the past four years and although my initial reason for joining the program was to celebrate my new citizenship status as an American, I found the program very rewarding and enriching.  The gratitude expressed not just verbally but in smiles as the seniors received their food was positive.  As I made deliveries on a regular basis on a particular route, it was apparent that most of the seniors were glad to not just receive their food but also have human contact, however brief it was. 
That brief moment is part of the mental record I kept active because there were occasions – not many, thankfully – that required me to inform the coordinator that the client was not well and that their living conditions left a lot to be desired. 
Being a volunteer on a regular basis/route gives insight into health/living conditions that might be missed by someone who delivers, say, once a week.  The majority of the seniors I’ve interacted with on deliveries are in fairly good health; for those that aren’t, Caring Connection would provide the coverage that might be the bridge to stop people falling – in some cases, literally – through the cracks. 
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