Senior Living in Alexandria’s host Jim Roberts sat down this month with Lori Schock from the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Karen S. Hobbs from the Division of Marketing Practices at the Federal Trade Commission, to talk about fraudsters and the scams that older Americans most often fall prey to. Although the idea that seniors are more frequently scammed than other demographics is not accurate, the fact remains that there are many scams specifically tailored to them. One such scam discussed by Schock and Hobbs is the Grandparent Scheme, in which a scammer will call late at night pretending to be the senior’s grandchild and ask for money to help them get out of a tight situation. To find out more about common scams and fraudulent offers, check out the full episode here, and be sure to register for our April 26th Speaker Series: Protecting Against Identity Theft and Fraudulent Schemes.

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