Big news from the CDC: A COVID-19 booster shot is recommended if you’re 65 and up or 50–64 with underlying medical conditions. COVID-19 Pfizer boosters should be at least six months after your second dose of Pfizer, and with flu season now here, it’s a great time to get both shots. You can do so at a local pharmacy or your doctor’s office. You even can get both shots at the same time! The Alexandria Health Department has put together a list of locations that offer both COVID-19 vaccines and high dose flu shots for people 65 and older. COVID-19 shots are always free and high-dose flu shots are free with most private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. Need an in-home booster shot because you are homebound? For more information, click here or call the Alexandria Health Department hotline at 703.746.4988.


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