SSA Caring Connection
Featured in the April 19th edition of the Alexandria Gazette Packet:

Senior Services of Alexandria (SSA), just off the heels of celebrating its 50th Golden Anniversary, is launching a bold new initiative called “Caring Connection” taking its Meals on Wheels program to the next step and providing a safety net to Alexandria’s most vulnerable seniors.

The City of Alexandria’s senior population has grown to over 22,000 individuals – and more than 5,000 of these seniors live alone! Working in partnership with the Division of Aging and Adult Services, SSA is delivering more than 48,000 meals to our community’s homebound seniors annually, providing this critical service 365 days a year.

Stories from SSA’s Meals on Wheels volunteers regularly detail arriving at a client’s home to find them ill, injured or in need of urgent medical attention.  It is fortunate that these volunteers can be the “eyes and ears” of the community coming to the senior’s aid, but when this happens all involved are left to ask what more could have been done to prevent them from being whisked off in an ambulance, not knowing if they will be able to return to their own home.

What is needed is a proactive system for seniors who live alone with chronic medical conditions or those who have been recently discharged from the hospital and are at risk of being re-admitted because of medication issues, a fall, or inadequate nutrition.  This is what “Caring Connection” is all about.

Learn more by reading the full article on page 14.

Visit our Caring Connection page for additional information.

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